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Thursday, November 19, 2009

win se7en

Nowadays Microsoft Corp. has launch their latest invention on OS. First published was the beta version and the had given the opportunities to public to try the beta version for a year. Belive it or not, they got marvelous attention from public. WE ARE WAITING FOR IT! This Window 7 were redesign to replace the old Window Vista that being very annoyed to us nowadays. This is it! The all new Window se7en.

Windows 7 was designed to run well even on affordable net-books.
(siapa-siapa yg pkai processor pentium3 pon bole boot, x pcaye try la).
As a result of this new found efficiency, Windows 7 boots up and shuts down much faster than Vista, enabling you to get to work faster.

Windows 7 has reduced the frequency of these pop-ups and lets me work uninterrupted. Windows 7 gives you a full-size view of the application when you mouse over the thumbnail. Right-click on the desktop and you can change not only the wallpaper, but also the screen resolution. Right-click on any shortcut and you can pin it to the taskbar or the Start menu. If you right-click on a shortcut, Windows 7 will give you a jumplist of the most recently opened files. Click on one and the application launches and loads the file you chose.

So, this is how it work, i'm going to give u the copy of it and you will give me the feedback..

window se7en RTM final release build 7600
 download here for the link
 (images from google)

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