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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Win Flog

Haven't u thought to OFF your monitor while you CPU is still operating on your right click menu?
Haven't u thought to make 3d flip simple to use just on your scroll wheel mouse?
and many cool stuff that can be done using a little tweak.
Here how its work;
download WinFlog

Example: Turn off your monitor by right click.

Turning Off the Monitor when not in use saves electricity and prolong your laptop battery which is not the same as setting a Blank Screensaver.

Tips and Tricks: Creating an Icon in the Quick Launch Toolbar and Desktop is very easy. Just create a shortcut of the file "WinFlogTurnOff.exe" and drag it onto the Quick Launch Toolbar.

A trick 4 u;
if u want to add this shortcuts to "right click menu" there's some thing had to be done in Win bubble.

1. Open Win bubble > General > Add options to right click menu > mark the Monitor Off box.
2. Done.

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